Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Checkoslovakian glass necklace (detail bellow) - first chakra( Flowers – Spiritual and Sensual Love. Cube – logical…? (Got to do far more research!) Glass - Reflection. Transparency. )

Turquoise, Tree Agate and glass necklace (detail bellow) - fifth chakraTurquoise: Fifth Chakra. Increases serenity, protection, wisdom, balance, honest communication, friendship and love. Healing, sensitivity and empathy fostering, connects us with all life.

Agate (Blue lace , Moss or Tree ): Considered a very powerful stone. Fosters love, abundance, wealth, balance, harmony.

* this item not for sale

And lastly, this is a "Gumik"; hunters use these for luck when they go hunting in the frozen Artcic. Usually carved by a child or a beginner. This one was carved by Halúk, whom was visiting Vancouver and I met on Commercial Drive selling a number of his carvings. I also purchased an Inukshúk from him - have not found yet the right elements to combine with it.

Soapstone - Eight Chakra. Of significance through millenia - to "really" research.

Knot - Binding Union.

So, there is a statement (a story) going on here with the choice for red (First Chakra) suede, the knots, the "silver", the glass... even the circular jumper rings... Hmmm! When I began with a little gift bracelet last Octoer, I never dreamt I would come this far down this particular road. Nahhh, I would have probaby said... However, I now feel I have just began.


Rauf said...

Simply gorgeous, I am a man and I don't wear any jewellery, but Like to see them on people I love. Your designs are simply breathtaking.
We have quite a few gemologists here. For me its all Greek and latin, A friend of mine was pregnant, she a a bit afraid, her first. I took my gemologist friend there. She advised her to wear a moon stone. She believed in it and everything went off smooth.

"Angeldust" said...


Thank you for your visit and comments - particularly appreciated coming from a man, and from such far-away land

Love and joy to you