Thursday, January 25, 2007

Murano glass and crystal from a gift from my godparents
- my "godfather" is Italian!

The close-up

When I was fifteen, I was told those were Channel peals... (?) I have always hung on to them - loved the soft mauve -ish-rose colour they have, seldom weared them - too "tailored" for moi
Now, I am finally wearing them...

Close up of new pearls and angel pendant - I much prefer the sweet water irregular pearls...

My looooooooooove bracelets - plain and simple!

My new amethyst and fluoride necklace

the close-up
*Amethyst: Is associated with increased nobility, inner peace, balance, positive transformation. Heals body, mind and soul.
*Fluorite: This many attributes, multi-coloured stone fosters intellect, consciousness, calming, aura cleansing. Nurtures wisdom and knowledge. Increases spiritual balance. Calms the emotions. Offers psychic protection.


Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

I think this necklace is beautiful.

Glad you found me...

How Much?

"Angeldust" said...

Want one?

I can make you one with another stone, this one is a bit on the "wonky" side, but it's OK, I don't mind "imperfect.

I would estimate about $30.

Nice of you to visit an leave word...