Sunday, August 23, 2009

Turquoise - from Africa

A custom order Birthday gift - 3 tier "Cascade"© bracelet.
now, in the UK

Once we established which stone and style, I am left to design a piece specifically meant for that person. It takes me sometimes a few days to get "a feel" for it, and then I get to work and allow my instinct to complete the design with other stones glass, charms, etc. . Each piece has "a life of its own".
It gives me great pleasure to custom design a piece for someone. It gives me even more pleasure, mixed with pride, to know they "love" it...


Alicia M B Ballard said...

" Thank you so much for the beautiful turquoise bracelet you created for me. I just love it. I specially apprciate the turtle as I am a great animal lover! You must have spent a lot of time and energy creating the jewelery and I really appreciate it. "

quote from email

Margie said...

Dear Alicia
The jewelery you create is just so amazing & beautiful!
If I had the money I would but all of it!
You know that I totally love all the gorgeous pieces that I have purchased form you and I wear them often.

I know I shall be buying something else before too long!
I have never loved jewelery as much as yours!

Thank you, my friend!
And please forgive me for taking so long to come here & comment on your jewelery.

Love to you!


Alicia M B Ballard said...

That is truly a compliment coming from you - as I know you "shop around" lol

Just finished a piece that I am waiting to be picked up this PM? to post - it's lavish... I've been "unleashed"! lol